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SEO Encyclopedia

Links to a web site that are not reciprocated i.e. no link exists to the web site that is doing the linking.
Factors are within direct control of the web site developer and are influential in determining search engine ranking.
Links within a web site that is pointing to outside sites.
Robots.txt is a file which well behaved spiders read to determine which parts of a website they may visit.
A special page on a web site that contains a tree-like representation of the link structure of the site.
The TITLE tag is used to specify what text appears at the top of a browser window when visiting a web page. It also appears as the link text when your web site appears in search engine results.
Meta Description Content, Keywords and Title are used in the head section of websites. There are 50 or 60 other tags but these are the 3 most commonly used.
Links pointing to a web site created because someone found the web site useful and decided to link to it i.e. linked to it naturally.